A visit to Anglesey Abbey

This afternoon Susanna and I went over to the gardens of Anglesey Abbey. A lovely two hour amble after a very tiring week.
The house from the park
View into one of the formal gardens (statue of Father Time c. 1700)
Narcissus (1848) contemplates, well green stuff . . .
The temple (statue: copy of Bernini's David (1901)
One of the avenues

 An ornamental urn (mid-19th century)

Susanna greets a griffin (c. 1730 from Dresden)

 Resting in the dahlia garden under Apollino - the adolescent Apollo (c. 1800)


Yewtree said…
Hi Andrew - those are lovely photos; I went to Anglesey Abbey a few years ago - I have created a UK Unitarian blog aggregator (like UUpdates) at http://unitariancommunications.blogspot.com/p/blogs.html and wondered if you would like to link to it.
Hello Yewtree,

Of course - I'll put a link in now.

Warmest wishes,