Alan Barnes and Harry Greene on saxophones with Chris Ingham Trio

I'll get Sunday's address posted in a couple of hours so its ready for those of you who are coming to the Wednesday Evening Conversations at the church but whilst sitting here making the necessary corrections an email came in telling me that a video had been posted on Youtube from a gig I did last week with Alan Barnes over in Bury St Edmunds. It was filmed by a parent of Harry Greene's, a young 13 year-old saxophonist who sat in for one number in the first set. Encouraging younger players is a must-do thing - after all I owe everything to the older players who let me sit in when I was just a kid - so here's a plug for a player who looks like he'll earn a rightful place on the scene. But not only that, you get a nice solo from Alan who remains one of Britain's best straight-ahead players. Chris Ingham is on the piano, Russ Morgan is on drums and, of course, yours truely on the bass. Enjoy - we did.