An early summer spin on the Dursley-Pederson out along Fleam Dyke and back along the Roman Road

Yesterday I took the Dursley-Pederson out for a spin to Fulbourn Fen, along Fleam Dyke and then back into Cambridge along the Roman Road. There is a group called 'Friends of the Roman Road and Fleam Dyke' from whose website you can get information about these two wonderful ancient monuments. Anyway it was a marvellous day ride and walk. Here are a few photos:

Clearing in Fulbourn Fen - a great place for a packed lunch

The Dursley-Pederson
Looking back along Fleam Dyke (north-west) towards Fulbourn 


Yewtree said…
I remember walking along Fleam Dyke. I also once did some conservation work around Carr Dyke, and several times walked along Devil's Dyke - once when the local Morris side were dancing the full length of it. The Pasque flowers are particularly good around the Devil's Dyke in Spring.