A Third Epicurean Gathering

Last night at the Memorial (Unitarian) Church we held our third Epicurean Gathering, as part of an ongoing experiment in how one might actually engage in some active form of Epicurean life in the present day rather than just talk about it in an academic, detached fashion. There's a lot of talk "out there" about the relevance of Epicurus/Lucretius's philosophy - much of it excellent - but there seems to be a paucity of models available to help people into an actual practice among a community of like-minded people. This is just one experimental possibility - please feel free to use this if it's helpful in anyway and/or to let me know of any other similar projects on the go.

I have added below a further tidied up liturgy (mostly just making it typographically clearer than earlier versions), a link to the introductory text that sets has been setting our conversation off and a link to the short mindfulness meditation by Judith Day that we have been using.

Below these are links to earlier blogposts about the history of this little experiments and to earlier events and, lastly, below you will find some additional links to various helpful sites/books/podcasts.

Earlier blog posts:

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Translations of Epicurus' and/or Lucretius:

Two recent, helpful, popular and entertaining, introductory texts: