Le Tour de France caravan passes by the Memorial (Unitarian) Church, Cambridge

Here are a few photos from the Tour de France as it set off from Cambridge today. Five members of the congregation hung out together for the morning to enjoy the festivities.

A splendid time was had by all.

The first few photos show the caravan passing by the front of the church on its way to the start and the penultimate one shows the riders passing down St. Andrews Street where we headed for the actual start of the race. The final photo shows us relaxing after our intense exertions!

The caravan begins to pass the front of the Memorial (Unitarian) Church
And keeps going for a long, long time . . .
It's not every day that this kind of thing passes by the front door!
Faux cyclists 
A gendarme passes by 
Our first sight of real racing bicycles
Encore une fois . . . 
And again . . .
And still more . . .
Luisa (left) and Andrew (right) look on from the church front door 
At last they're off . . .
Sharing a glass of chilled white wine in the church garden after le départ