You can get your kicks on Route 66, but you might just get to heaven on Route 11

The Dursley (Copenhagen) Pedersen on Burwell Fen
As Nat King Cole sang, you can "Get your kicks on Route 66", but on a day like today, as I cycled the Lodes Way from Cambridge to Wicken Fen, it felt like riding to heaven on Route 11 - that's Route 11 of the National Cycle Network here in the UK. A splendid, sunny, summer's day, not too hot and with a gentle breeze for most of the day.  Perfect for the Dursley (Copenhagen) Pedersen.

At Wicken Fen I bought a bottle of Boathouse Bitterfound some shade, quietly ate my sandwiches and slowly read a dozen pages of Henry Bugbee's Inward Morning. Discovering this book really has been incredibly exciting for me as it is helping so many things fall into place in my own personal philosophy. Some of Bugbee's words will almost certainly play a part in next Sunday's address but here, in the near heavenly surroundings of Fenland, I could just let them flow through me and water my soul.

As always, I took a few photos on the ride and post a few of them below for your enjoyment.

Stourbridge Common
Swaffham Bulbeck Lode
Poppies and field Reach Lode
Bridge over Reach Lode
Cycle path over Burwell Fen 
View across Burwell Fen
Burwell Lode 
Cattle near Burwell Lode