"I put a capital N on Nature and go there" — walking the sylvan nave at Wandlebury Country Park

The sylvan nave on this morning's walk 
This morning I decide to go a-walking at one of my favourite spots, Wandlebury Country Park. One of the many splendid sights to see there is the magnificent avenue of beech trees that runs out of the park to the north-east to join the Roman Road and I never fail to walk into this sylvan nave, stop, and recognise that, for me, it is only in Nature that I feel I have truly returned to my "mother church".

As we move into autumn and the leaves begin to fall the "architectural" quality of the avenue becomes ever clearer and this put me in mind of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright's interview with Mike Wallace in 1957. Wallace asked Wright: "Do you go to any specific church?" Wright replied:

"Yes, I go occasionally to this one, and then sometimes to that one, but my church I put a capital N on Nature and go there. "

Amen to that.

Below are a few more photos from today's walk.