A set of photos from an early autumn walk at Wandlebury Country Park

A single, suspended autumn leaf
On Sunday I used the following words as a meditative reading in our religious naturalist evening service of mindfulness meditation. They were still very much in mind when I set out by bicycle to Wandlebury Country Park for an early autumn walk.  I add them below and, for your enjoyment, below them, a few of the photographs I took along the way. I used my Ricoh GR throughout; they're all unprocessed jpegs straight out of the camera.

Harbingers of Frost by Robert T. Weston

Autumn, we know,
Is life en route to death.
The asters are but harbingers of

The trees, flaunting their colours at 
     the sky,
In other times will follow where 
     the leaves have fallen,
And so shall we.

Yet other lives will come.
So may we know, accept, embrace,
The mystery of life we hold a 

Nor mourn that it outgrows each 
     separate self, but still rejoice 
     that we may have our day.

Lift high our colours to the sky! 
     and give,
In our time, fresh glory to the