A winter spin on the Pashley Guv'nor to Over and the River Great Ouse to see if I could find the "Five bowl barrows"

Emmanuel College Chapel
This morning I thought I'd take a spin out on the Pashley Guv'nor to Over and the River Great Ouse to see if I could find the "Five Bowl Barrows", a group of still visible Bronze-Age burial mounds. As you will see this effectively meant visiting a newly planted, muddy field with only the slightest of indictions that, perhaps, just perhaps, upstanding barrows once stood here — in the black and white photo below just look for a slight rise in the ground right in the middle of the shot. That's one of them folks! Still, the atmosphere and mood of the place was splendid and, in my book anyway, it was well-worth the effort. At the very least a few of my winter cobwebs were blown away.

Some of you might be interested in visiting the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership website which has lots of interesting information about the landscape through which I was wending my happy way. Just click on the following link for that:


However, before heading out into the fens I had to help my wife, Susanna, remove her lovely flower arrangements from the chapel in Emmanuel College as tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Consequently the first two photos are of the outside and inside of the chapel looking lovely in the sun.

All photos were taken with my iPhone 6+ and either the Hipstamatic App (colour photos) or the Blackie App (black and white photos). Just click on an image to enlarge it. 

Inside Emmanuel College Chapel
A drove-way near Over 
An old quarry pit near Over
An old quarry pit near Over
One of the five barrows —trust me, it's there if you look carefully!
Fence-post by the River Great Ouse
The River Great Ouse
The Pashley Guv'nor by the River Great Ouse 
The River Great Ouse looking across to Holywell Marina
An old movable chicken-coop near Over no longer going anywhere but looking splendid
St Mary's Church, Over
St Mary's graveyard, Over
St Mary's graveyard, Over
The Porch at St Mary's Church, Over
Over windmill and telecommunications mast on the Guided Busway near Over