Natura naturans—nature naturing on an overcast day in the Cambridge Univeristy Botanic Garden

It got to lunch-time and I knew simply had to clear my head if I was going to have any chance of getting Sunday's address finished so I took a swift walk over to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden to see how spring was coming on. She was coming on beautifully as the photos here will show. Refreshed by the glorious blossom, the good company of Susanna and a mug of warming tea I came back home and finished the address. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for that (and to see whether the beauty of spring had any noticeable effect upon my text) but, until then, here are a few photos from the garden for your enjoyment. They were all taken with my iPhone 6+ and the Hipstamatic app using a variety of my own settings. As always, just click on a photo if you want to enlarge it.

Susanna delighted by a room of wool—presumably part of the Science Festival