Those who drink in season shall live before they die—A few photos taken in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

This morning Susanna and I took a slow and pleasant walk to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden in some lovely winter sun. Each season has its pleasures and, as Housman wisely reminded us, we must drink in season and not try to rush the coming of spring or, indeed, rush the coming in of anything. If we can do this there is a chance that we shall live before we die and so, together, Susanna and I did a little lovely living before we die.

Along the way I took a few photos and include them here for your pleasure.

All taken with a Fuji X100F
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A. E. Housman: Poem XXII from More Poems (1936) 

Ho, everyone that thirsteth
        And hath the price to give,
Come to the stolen waters,
        Drink and your soul shall live.

Come to the stolen waters,
        And leap the guarded pale,
And pull the flower in season
        Before desire shall fail.

It shall not last for ever,
        No more than earth and skies;
But he that drinks in season
        Shall live before he dies.

June suns, you cannot store them
        To warm the winter’s cold,
The lad that hopes for heaven
        Shall fill his mouth with mould.