Thirty-two photos of a still (mostly) empty and eerie locked-down Cambridge

For those of you not able to get into Cambridge because of the lockdown, below are thirty-two photos taken during the same walk through Cambridge over the last two days (Friday 29th and Saturday 30th May) both round about lunchtime. The streets are, as you will see, still almost completely empty. It remains to me a very eerie sight. However, in certain places and at certain times, post Dominic Cummings’ shameful (and, to me, deeply shocking) press conference on Monday, May 25th, it’s clear the lockdown is breaking in some very unhelpful and, potentially, very dangerous ways. The last photo (Jesus Green) will give you a sense of what that looks like here . . .

All the photos were taken with my Fuji X100F and are straight out of the camera jpegs. Just click on a photo to enlarge it.