Infinitely Demanding Anarchism: An Interview with Simon Critchley by Seferin James

The view from the "reading chair" in my study 
As I mentioned in an earlier post, during this sabbatical one of the books I'll be re-reading and considering in detail and depth is Simon Critchley's "Infinitely Demanding: Ethics of Commitment, Politics of Resitence" (Verso Books, 2007).

I was very impressed by the book when I first read it in 2007 and now, on my second time through, that impression is only being strengthened.

To accompany this re-reading I've been following up some of the secondary literature about it, reviews and interviews etc.. This post is to point to an interview with Critchley by Seferin James that is hosted on the website of University College Dublin.  I post it particularly because Critchley mentions both Epicurus and the Diggers (of whom Winstanley is the most famous figure), both of whom are hugely important influences upon my own thinking.

Here's the link to the interview: