A ride over to Lidgate Castle

A meadow on the way out of Cambridge
Yesterday I took a longish spin on the Copenhagen-Pedersen out into Suffolk to visit the site of Lidgate Castle which was built c. 1143. As you'll see in the following photos there is a church on the site, the nave of which may have been the castle's chapel.

I've been cycling this part of the country for years but, somehow, have never made it there before. I'm glad I did!

Below are a few photos from the ride, just click on a photo to enlarge it. All were taken with my iPhone 6+, the ones in black and white using the Argentum Camera App.

The level crossing at Dullingham
Water Tower at Ditton Green
Looking west from the hill at Lidgate
Lidgate Church
A small section of castle wall (?) in the graveyard at Lidgate
Some gravestones in Lidgate graveyard
Lidgate Bailey Pond

Burwell Castle earthworks

The evening sun from the living room window of the Manse