Spring sunlight with Hipstamatic's Arjan "film" and Lowy "lens"

A glorious sunny spring day. After a quiet morning in the park re-reading Simon Critchley's  excellent "Infinitely Demanding: Ethics of Commitment, Politics of Resistance" Susanna and I went down Mill Road to have lunch with some good friends out in their back garden. On getting back the hot weather seemed to demand that I put on Magic Carpet's wonderful 1972 eponymously titled album  followed by El Ten Eleven's 2012 release "Transitions" whilst I cooled down with a nice cup of tea. (Youtube links to a track from each album below).

Lying there on the sofa the light was so magical that I couldn't resist taking the first photo here (on the right) before nipping downstairs to take the second. The very bright sunlight seemed to me particularly to suit the combination of Hipstamatic's Arjan "film" and the Lowy "lens".