A letter in the Guardian to Jesse Hughes from a fellow Bataclan survivor Ismael El Iraki

The Bataclan Theatre (source)
Two weeks after the horrific attacks in Paris on 13th November 2015 I wrote a piece called "In praise of the Eagles of Death Metal and in respectful and grateful memory of those who were brutally murdered at the Bataclan in Paris but who encourage us still to live."

I meant every word I said but, as the weeks passed by the problematic nature of Hughes (which I already knew a little about) began to surface in the wider public realm. This seemed to require a response from me so, in February 2016, I gave the following address, "It’s easier without complexity—the problem of Jesse Hughes".

Some of you may be aware that Hughes has continued to say more and more problematic, unpleasant, racist and downright dangerous things and this culminated last week in an interview in Taki's Magazine. I warn you, it's not a pleasant read but that is, perhaps, why you should read it.

Then, just this morning, I read an open letter to Jesse Hughes in the British newspaper, the Guardian. It was written by Ismael El Iraki, a fan who, like Hughes himself, was accidentally caught up in the violent events that night. I recommend reading this piece of intelligent and compassionate sanity and thank Ismael El Iraki from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to write it.