Bike stuff and a bit of ecology

Well, as you may have noticed, on my last blog there has been a call for more on cycling. I'm happy to oblige. On the back of feeling better after my dose of crypto -whatevidium I've been out on my "new" Colnago fixed. Frame courtesy of a good mate Kev - thanks Kev. Notched up 110 miles last week though fifteen of those were by accident as my direct route home through Toft was blocked by flooding. There were all these signs saying "Road Closed" and "Divertion." Working on the dodgy (but generally correct) principle that no road is truly closed to a cyclist I went on. The road was, indeed, impassable. Suitably chastened I turned round and went another way home - there is probably a sermon in this but I'll leave you to preach it. The picture shows me looking far too serious on a ride to Creake Abbey during our week in Wells. I love this place though from my photo you would be hard pressed to tell - but I was actually very happy at the moment the shutter opened and closed.

The ecology link is to direct folk to The Trumpeter a wonderful online journal connected with Arne Naess. The Naess festschrift is a delight.

For those dropping off to this site immediately after Sunday's sermon - the sermon will be up here by Tuesday as usual but here is a link to a page with the Deep Ecology Platform simply presented.

Have a wild time out there . . .