A circle a hundred feet round and Agnes Arber

As I said in my sermon last week at Harvest (see below) I might actually go out and draw the size circle Lew Welch suggested in his poem. Well I did (you can just see the line in the foreground) and here I am in it, looking a bit daft I'll admit, but hey, do I care?

Whilst In Wells-next-the-Sea I got hold of a book called The Manifold and the One by a Cambridge botanist called Agnes Arber. Now she was one extraordinary person and I recommend that anyone who is interested in the whole pan[en]theistic position should take a look at her work. Here is a link to a page which should enable you to do that. I particularly recommend the brief paper by R. L. Hauke Morphology to Metaphysics and Mysticism. I went into Cambridge University Press this afternoon to see what they still have in print (and on the shelves) and was told that only Herbals; Their Origin and Evolution: a Chapter in the History of Botany: 1470 to 1670 (1912) was still available. It is a lovely book but doesn't get into her own thinking. I hope CUP decide to make the later works available once again. At least The Manifold and the One has been reprinted. Try ABE Books for the others.

I'll leave you with a photo of Susanna and me drinking tea after the exertions of circle drawing and counting way more than three hundred things!