Garden Academies

I realise that a few people who read this blog don't go on to read any comments that are posted but my last post has opened up a conversation with someone by the name of Jonathan that is proving quite helpful to me and, if what I have to say is in anyway helpful or interesting to you, then you might enjoy this fruitful exchange.

It has at its heart the idea of a liberal religious/philosophical project which is striving both for a sane global constitution and also the recreation of the Academy, in the garden-school atmosphere of Epicurus, with the compassion and active ministry of Jesus.

It has often seemed to me that the recreation of garden-schools as the liberal alternative to church-type structures is the way we should - in fact probably must - go.

If you are so minded I'd be very interested in the comments of other people on this idea.

Lastly, the two pictures in this blog are of les Dentelles-de-Montmirail which Susanna and I visted last week and to which I have now cycled a couple of times. Stunningly beautiful.