A late January spin into the fens on the Dursley-Pederson

Eyes shut with the DP on White Fen
For various reasons I haven't been able to get out much on the bike this month and, to be frank, I was going completely shack-simple. Alas, when I got up this morning (my day off) things didn't look great, rain and grey, grey and rain. To ameliorate the situation I made tea and poached eggs on toast, had a long bath and listened to Mike Oldfield's "Hergest Ridge" which, for some reason, has been back in my mind over the past few days - I must have last listened to it twenty-odd years ago. To my mind it is still a strangely splendid record though it's undoubtedly un-hip to admit liking it.

Anyway, after all that pfaffing around, enough time had elapsed for the day to take a turn for the better and I seized the moment. I made a flask of tea, took a pork-pie from the fridge (which Susanna had thoughtfully bought for me yesterday on the off-chance the weather would be fine), a banana and my map, dusted-off the Dursley-Pederson and headed on out to Quy, Bottisham, the Swaffham Bulbeck and Burwell and then back into Cambridge along the Lodes Way. The photos are all from the Lodes Way section on the way home. A splendid spin. At Burwell I met an interesting chap called Mike who told me he was on the steering-committee of the Lodes Way and who was interested in all things bicycling and clearly had a few interesting machines himself and he gamely took up my offer to have a quick go on the Dursley-Pederson. Just a very small thank-you to him and all those who've opened up this lovely route for us all. If you haven't been on it yet (and can get there!) do try it out.

Despite there being rain showers all around I managed to miss them all but, as you will see below, I benefited from them at a pleasant and dry distance.  

Rainbow at Burwell looking north 1
Rainbow at Burwell looking north 2

Looking south-west across Burwell Fen 1

Looking south-west across Burwell Fen 2

Looking south-west across Burwell Fen 3
Looking north-west across Tubney Fen


Yewtree said…
Lovely - nice to see photos of the Fens - I loved the rich brown earth of them when I lived in Cambridge.
Dear Yewtree,

I didn't realise that you'd actually lived in Cambridge at one time. I love the fens myself which, as you will know, is a very much a liminal landscape. Again you will know that it is in these strange borderlands that new paradigms often begin to show-up. So I regularly go out into them to see what can be seen. There's always something . . .

kbop said…
Lodes Way looks interesting - is it gravel or tarmac?

and yes, Oldfield is un-hip, unfortunately