Old Year and Helicon - new Riprap CD in the making

Setting-up the room - the engineer, Bill Campbell is on the left
For all you jazz fans out there below there are a couple of links to give you a taster of some of the  material which will end up (in some form or another) on the new Riprap CD which we should have out in the next few months.  The recording session was on the 2nd and 3rd January 2012 and I've also posted below a few photos from the session.

As Kev tells us Old Year "is a very rough un-mixed version (mainly just off the central ambient mike - that you can see in the photo on the right) of a twisted children's song that got out of hand on the session... comments or threats are welcomed. Excellent solo from Dave halfway through."
Old year - late Miles-like version

The second, Helicon, again as Kev tells us "is another rough un-mixed track destined for the new Cd, inspired by a Seamus Heaney poem."

And here's a link to the current Riprap - website

The band, left to right: David Gordon, Kevin Flanagan, me and Russ

Yours truly

David Gordon

Kevin Flanagan

Russ Morgan

Russ reflected in the piano - 1

Russ reflected in the piano - 2 


kbop said…
damn - I so am the littlest guy in this group.
That depends on your perspective old chap. You might be the biggest guy . . .