Visiting Wittgenstein and Moore for the New Year

Wittgenstein's grave

G. E. Moore's grave

Readers of my this blog will know that Wittgenstein is very important to me, but G. E. Moore, less so. I came across his famous Principia Ethica whilst studying at Oxford and enjoyed his writing immensely but did not follow it up in any real way. However, a philosopher friend of mine, Jonathan Harrison, lives nearby and every couple of weeks we spend  a couple of hours in conversation on various philosophical/theological matters. Jonathan rates Moore's little book, simply called Ethics, very highly - so highly, in fact, that he kindly bought me a modern edition of it. I began to read it over the New Year and, yesterday, during a brief sunny spell, I thought it would be particularly appropriate to visit Moore's grave along with Wittgenstein's.

On a connected note, St. Giles Cemetery, Cambridge, England (where Wittgenstein and Moore's graves are to be found) is a very pleasant place to spend a quiet hour contemplating life, the universe and everything. I hope the following photos, taken on the same day (2nd January 2014) will encourage one or two of you who live locally to go up there and take a look.

A Happy New Year to you all.




Yewtree said…
Lovely photos - I particularly like the sixth one and the last one.