The Circus comes to town and Barnwell Priory's "Cellarer's Chequer"

Gee Horsley's drawing of the Cambridge Church
This afternoon I had to pick up a parcel from the Royal Mail depot that was delivered to the church whilst I was out. It was another glorious sunny day and my route took me across Midsummer Common (where I passed the circus), along the River Cam and them along Priory Road (where you pass by the13th century "Cellarer's Chequer" once connected to Barnwell Priory. I could not resist taking a couple of photos on my way back to the church office. I add here, at the top, a photo of a lovely drawing of the Memorial (Unitarian) Church done by Gee Horsley in 1984. Gee was an artist and letterer who was a member here for many years. She did the exquisite lettered war memorials inside Cambridge Town Hall and she was, for a time, a student of Edward Johnston who remains most famous for having designed the typeface for London Underground. I remember fondly my once a week visits to Gee before she moved away from Cambridge when, before we had copious amounts of tea and cakes, she would give me a free lesson about typefaces and lettering. I had a wonderful time every week.

Cellarer's Chequer
Cellarer's Chequer
The Circus comes to town