Decay, Beauty, Patina - a ruined fenland chapel

On Monday I went on a ride out into the fens through Upware, across to Wicken and then back into Cambridge along the Lodes Way. Just to the north of Upware, and genuinely in the middle of nowhere (nearby is the very aptly named "Five Miles From Anywhere No Hurry Inn") I came upon this ruined and decaying wooden chapel. I must have cycled this road a dozen times in the fourteen years I've lived in Cambridge but, somehow, until then, I had just sailed by it. It's amazing what one misses. As I took these photos I was reminded of something that the artist Urs Fischer once said: "Life is one long decay, no? There's a lot of beauty in it. Like the patina in an old city." Well there's decay, beauty and patina here in abundance.