Is it better to be religious than spiritual? - Tom Shakespeare's excellent "Point of View" piece

Church after the evening service
NB: The week following this post I explored some of the implications of Tom Shakespeare's piece in a Sunday address. You can find that at the following link.

"Spiritual but not religious? Religious but not spiritual?" - On the need to develop a self-conscious, secular, religious minimalism


On Sunday morning, just before going next door to make my final preparations for the morning service, I listened, as I generally do, to BBC Radio 4's excellent programme "A Point of View". This week Tom Shakespeare asked "Is it better to be religious than spiritual?" Since I'm one of those ministers who has remained religious even though they no longer believe in anything approaching the conventional definitions of God, and because what he said points to the kind of secular religious community I hope we are developing are here in Cambridge, it seems important to draw you attention to his excellent and timely presentation. Click on the following link to read and hear this at the BBC website: