Contrast — In praise of John Hornbeck's new photography app

Over the past two years I've almost completely switched from using my camera to using either my iPad or iPhone. Clearly it would be possible to get into all the pro and cons of this as well my competence or otherwise as a(n amateur) photographer to say one thing rather than another about this, but I'm not going to do any of that here and simply follow the rather Wittgensteinian advice to show rather than tell.

The first thing I'd like to show you is a free iPhone app called Contrast developed by the excellent photographer John Hornbeck — just click on this link to take a look at his own page about it.

The second thing I'd like to show you are just a few photos I took on a Boxing Day walk with my wife Susanna by the River Cam and then back nearby Jesus College. The photos below are just as they have "come out" of the camera app, there's been no post-processing of any kind.

Hornbeck's high-contrast app truly helps you to see the world show up and shine in beautiful ways that one might not otherwise have been able to see before, and for that he deserves high praise indeed. Why not give it a go yourself?