Darkness and light — A series of Advent and Christmas photos

Apart from what, with hindsight, may have been a foolhardy hour-long walk with Susanna on Boxing Day, a bad cold and chest infection has kept me inside since the 20th December. I was able to nip outside for the minute it takes me to get to church next door in order to take the services on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Sunday 28th but, other than my foolish foray on Boxing Day, the physical landscape through which I have been able to roam was either the manse or the church. Under normal conditions this might have offered me little in the way of "landscape" to photograph but, as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have just discovered John Hornbeck's wonderful app called "Contrast". It genuinely helped a previously unseen, and very beautiful, landscape to emerge before me, one filled with darkness and light which is, surely, a perfect metaphor for the season.

It seems worth sharing with you a few of the best and to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

My Christmas bed-side reading

The Advent Wreath in the church on Christmas morning
The nativity scene in the church on Christmas morning

The church on Christmas Eve just before the service


Thank you. Happy New Year.