A set of "hauntological" photos taken at Cadbury Castle, Devon

Back in July 2013 Susanna and I were staying in Devon and on one day I took my Dursley-Pedesen  over the hills and far away to visit the Iron-Age fortification known as Cadbury Castle. Naturally, I took a few pictures at the time and chose to use Hipstamatic's "Tin-Type film", not least of all because it so suited the moody, poetically, mysterious nature of the place. I may be a religious naturalist — and, therefore, without a belief in what is commonly called the supernatural — but this does not mean I have no real place for the imagination which cannot but help weave all kinds of mysterious legends and stories about such ancient and awesome places.

Anyway, as readers of this blog will know, given that I'm in a "hauntological" mood at the moment it seemed fun to go back through my archive in order to post these photos for your (and my) enjoyment. As always click on the photos to enlarge them.