Launch of DiEM25 — Democracy in Europe Movement — an encouragement to join

On Tuesday, February 9th in Berlin the Democracy in Europe Movement — DiEM25 — is being launched. You can see a live stream of the event at the following link:

The DiEM25 manifesto is available at their website in both short and long versions and there is also a place to join up and, if you wish, put your name forward to volunteer to help get the movement rolling. For what it's worth I put my own name down.

Back in July, after watching in horror the Greek government's capitulation to the demands of the Eurogroup and the "Institutions" (The Troika) I was, I will admit, utterly depressed and in response wrote a short piece about this from my perspective as a European jazz musician. You can read that here:

The day the music (of Europe) died . . . a jazz musician’s reflections on the EU “deal” with the Greeks and the end of a great democratic and cultural vision

However, DiEM25 offers me — and perhaps you — hope that my despair was misplaced and that the great democratic and cultural vision of a citizen-led Europe is not yet dead.

I invite you to join.