Cambridge: 'The housing crisis is at breaking point'—An article in today's Guardian newspaper

A photo I took in the Grafton Centre last year
I'm aware that many people who read this blog, knowing that I write it as a minister in the British City of Cambridge, will think of Cambridge in mostly "pretty" ways. That's only to be expected given that the city and the surrounding countryside is genuinely a place of real beauty, natural and man-made. But, like all modern cities—especially in a country that continues to be in utter thrall to neoliberal politics and economics—it is also a place where real deprivation and extreme wealth lie side by side and where the gap between them continues to grow at a profoundly disturbing rate. It is truly shocking and getting more so and it certainly translates into my own feelings of increasing anger and dissatisfaction (religious and political) at the current political, social and financial status quos.

So, for a darker and more realistic view of Cambridge than the ones you usually find in the national media, do please take a look at the following article in today's Guardian newspaper by the journalist Amelia Gentleman and the photographer Antonio Olmos: