The frothing of the hedges I keep deep inside me—a few photos from a walk along Fleam Dyke and round Fulbourn Fen

My trusty steed, the Raleigh Superbe, at Fulbourn Fen
On Monday I cycled over to Fulbourn Fen via St Vigor's church to walk along Fleam Dyke and then around the woods and fen itself. I was desperate to get out and linger amidst the flowering cow-parsley, hedgerows and the beautiful may-mess in general. Just today I was alerted to something the French philosopher Jean Wahl seems to have said. It certainly captures something I feel very strongly.

Le moutonnement des haies 
C'est en moi que je l'ai.

This line of poetry has been poetically translated into English as "The frothing of the hedges I keep deep inside me."

As always I took some photos along the way and post them here for your pleasure. All were taken with an iPhone 6+ and the Filmborn app. Just click on a photo to enlarge it.

Tea and Tolstoy at Mutlow Hill on Fleam Dyke