Consider the birds of the air . . .

The first Sunday of my sabbatical and I'm incredibly tired! I really was close to dropping. Anyway I'm more or less stopped now. Just a few more small loose ends to tie up before we travel down to Avignon.

I'm sitting here at the breakfast table writing this having just fed the birds. Again this morning 'our' black-bird called me out to feed him his meal-worms (the picture shows him). Of course I don't think he has become my 'friend' or emotionally attached to me in any way but it is nice to have a relationship that is more than simply ignoring or avoiding each other. And here is 'our' collared dove. A very pretty bird.

I'm not sure what will appear on this blog over the next sixteen weeks as I need to run carefully through all kinds of new ideas that have been explored since I returned from Avignon last August (and which appear on this blog for those who want to take a look). These ideas really do need to be internalised better by me and I need a time of spiritual reflection and rest, too. The need for the latter is because without these abstract ideas being explored in the practical spiritual context they can easily loose purchase or traction on the world.

As the next sixteen weeks progress I'll let you know of any moderately interesting stuff going on around me or in my head. Have a wild time out there . . .


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