" . . . named after an utterly forgotten divinity" — a set of Hipstamatic photos from Wells-next-the-Sea

Susanna and I have just returned from a week away on the North Norfolk coast at Wells-next-the-Sea — a lovely, calm and restful time was had by us both. When we got there the cold, overcast and windy weather seemed to insist that I fire up the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone and load a combination of their "US1776" film and the "Americana" lens. The fact that on the second day I bought a second-hand copy of "Evening Land" by Pär Lagerkvist (trans. by Auden and Sjöberg) only re-enforced the appropriateness of the choice. Even on the one sunny day we had this choice seemed right.

As always, just click on a photo if you wish to enlarge it. 

Dozens of Largerkvist's poems might be cited before offering you the pictures below but this one, from "Part II,  seems appropriate especially given the wide open expanses of sand and sea we walked over and beside:

Surrounded by a void, 
as a constellation is by space,
with infinite distance between its luminous points,
its timeless manifestations of itself.

So in complete calm,
in dead perfection,
lives the Truth about the great Nothing.
The soul of the void.

Like a constellation
named after an utterly forgotten divinity.