The forms of leaves—a set of black and white photos taken in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

This year the colours of the trees have been wonderful and, whilst walking in the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens I have taken many colour photos as, for example, in this recent post. But the wonderful colour can blind us to other aspects of reality that can be, to my mind, equally beautiful and striking.

On the way back from an errand connected with my work as a minister I stopped in to the Botanic Garden on a grey, grey day for a bowl of soup and a mug of tea. I only had with me my iPhone and, given the light, decided only to take a few black and white photos of leaves on the ground because, for some reason, that I day my attention was drawn to the almost infinite variety of shapes and forms the leaves had. So I opened up my "Provoke" camera app and took a few photos on the way in (including, I'll admit, one colour photo which I couldn't resist taking) and on the way out. I hope you enjoy these variations upon a theme.