DiEM25 UK Organisational launch meeting at Conway Hall, London, 28th January 2017—some photos and a link to a report

On Saturday morning, 28th January 2017, at Conway Hall in London, long an important place of radical religious, philosophical, social and political thinking in the UK (one with a Unitarian lineage I might add), DiEM25 held its UK organisational launch.

I was privileged to have been able to work with a fine group of British DiEM25 activists, and of course Yanis Varoufakis and Srećko Horvat, to arrange this meeting.

Like all DiEM25 gatherings, more than half of the meeting was made up of conversations involving all those attending but, to set the scene and introduce some important initial ideas, the morning began with brief keynote contributions from Brian Eno, Elif Şafak, Agnieszka Wiśniewska and Igor Stokfiszewski and, finally, Yanis Varoufakis. If you click on the link below you can read a pdf copy of my full meeting notes and just click on a photo if you want to enlarge it.

The meeting in full swing
Yanis Varoufakis
Srećko Horvat facilitating the open dialogue session
Agnieszka Wiśniewska and Igor Stokfiszewski seated together in the centre before the start
Most of the UK organising group
UK organiser Jack Franco
UK organiser Philipp Heyken with the meeting's headline message
Post meeting organiser's conversation
Post meeting organiser's conversation
Post meeting organiser's conversation
Conway Hall's ministers, appointed lecturers and a bit of the society's history 
"To thine own self be true" above the stage in Conway Hall
The sunset on Parker's Piece, Cambridge as I was near to home once again