Winter sun, trees, and teasels in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Yesterday was, as M. R. James once wrote, “really a pearl of a day for . . . January, . . . too fine to be spent indoors” so I took a walk over to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden to see how things were progressing with the dredging of the lake and, of course, to enjoy the small signs of life as winter works its wondrous ways. I spent some time reading Parmenides on a bench in the sunshine but, for the most part, I walked around enjoying the winter scenes.

As always I took a few photos and post them here for your pleasure. All taken with an iPhone 6+ and the Hipstamatic App. The black and white shots were taken using a setting I've spent a little while getting right after trying to "gesture towards" the effect of a mezzotint or engraving in this shot taken a couple of weeks ago. See it as an loving, modern photographic homage to those old techniques.

Just click on a photo to enlarge it.