A Sunday spin out to Toft, Cambridgeshire

This afternoon I took the Pashley Guvnor out for a 30-mile spin, heading back into Cambridge via Toft, a small village lying 6 miles to the west of Cambridge. It’s a village I have often cycled through and many, many times I’ve stopped in the churchyard to drink a flask of tea and read a few pages of whatever book/piece it is I happen to be reading at the moment — on this occasion, it was T. S. Eliot’s 1922 poem, “The Wasteland” following up on my recent visit to Margate. Alas, pre-COVID-19, the church was always locked on my visits but, today, I was very pleased to find it open and so I took the opportunity to go in, look around and take a few photos before quietly saying the Lord’s Prayer and then stepping out to a bench in the churchyard to enjoy some tea. 

For your pleasure, I post a few photos of the church here. 

All taken with a Fujifilm X100V

Just click on a photo to enlarge it