Wednesday Photo: Three generations on the way to three somewheres


Taken with a Ricoh GR
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I took this photo in September 2016 by St Andrew the Great, Cambridge using my Ricoh GR. As I recall it,  the older gentleman in the centre foreground was the person I thought I was about to photograph but, as I pressed the shutter the two men on the right suddenly appeared in the frame. Oh well, never mind . . . It was only when I got home that I realised that in that 1/320 of a second I’d caught, wholly by chance, a moment that spoke strongly to me of the work of the social anthropologist Tim Ingold who explores the human as an organism which “feels” its way through the world that “is itself in motion” and, in so doing, is constantly creating and being changed by spaces and places as they are encountered

As such it’s an image which also reminds me that it, and everything else that I might be tempted to call “mine” or, “my creation”, simply isn’t mine, it’s always an other’s. As Arthur Rimbaud once said, “Je suis un autre” — I is an other.