Wednesday Photo: King’s College, tourists and a jogger on The Backs

Taken with a Fujifilm X100F
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This was taken on 28th May 2020, just a week and a half after the ending of the first lockdown here in the UK. There were still hardly any people around as I walked through Cambridge but, as I stood looking over to King’s College Chapel from The Backs ready to take a photo without the usual crush of tourists, whoosh, one mother and daughter stopped to look at the view and a family of four walked into shot from the left along with a jogger. Typical! After a minute or so the view was clear of people again so I duly took the shot I wanted to in the first place. However, when I came to look at the two shots this one won out, not least of all because it displayed the first beginnings of, if not a return to the pre-pandemic normal (I don’t think we’ll ever return to that), then at least a new way of being back together.