The poor work for the rich even when they rest alone . . . the Neoliberal Project in the UK ups the ante under Liz Truss.

Mobile soup kitchen, Germany, 1920

In Berlin, sometime between 1910 and 1929, the German philosopher Ernst Bloch wrote a micro-story that eventually appeared in his 1930 book, Traces. I cannot get this story out of my head at the moment because it is speaking ever more powerfully of, and directly to, the present situation in the UK where under this new breed of Conservatives (although they are no longer Conservatives but full-blown, radical neoliberal ideologues) the policy is clearly to make the poor work for the rich even as they are forced into cold and hungry inaction and increasing isolation.       

“What are you doing? I asked. Im conserving light, said the poor woman. She sat in the dark kitchen, a long time already. That was certainly easier than conserving food. Since there isn’t enough for everyone, the poor step in. They work for the rich even when they rest alone” (Traces, Stanford University Press, 2009, p. 9).

Let those with ears hear; those with eyes see.


UPDATE 23rd September 2022

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