Escaping the construings, realities and delusions of election day with a hauntological jaunt to Dunwich, Suffolk

The bookshop in Westleton

Yesterday, after voting (I voted Green), Susanna (my wife), Graham (an old college friend of mine) and I decided to leave behind the election (with all its construings, realities and delusions—(see picture below) and take a hauntological jaunt out to the Suffolk coast and the ancient, and now long-lost, town of Dunwich. The plan was firstly to visit the wonderful and eccentric bookshop in Westleton, then go on to eat a fish and chips lunch at the Flora Tea Rooms in Dunwich and to finish the day off with a longish walk south along the cliff top and then back to Dunwich along the beach. We succeeded in all three and I post here a few photos for your enjoyment.

All were taken with my iPhone 6+ and the Hipstamatic App. As always just click on a photo to enlarge it.

Naturally, back at home, at 10pm we turned on the radio to hear the exit poll result and, lo!, the roller coaster night began. Now, at 6pm the day after and having watched Theresa May's frankly bizarre and disturbing speech in front of No. 10 as she goes into coalition with the uniformly dreadful DUP, all I can say is that we are clearly entering a completely new realm of construings, realities and delusions. Meethinks it's time for a stiff gin and tonic and some pickled cockles bought yesterday in Dunwich . . .

Construings, realities and delusions—a bookshelf in the bookshop

Instructions unique to this bookshop!

The setting for the day's walk

The last grave on the clifftop

Susanna and Graham walking back to Dunwich