Wednesday Photo: An autumn view from Grantchester Meadows across the River Cam

Taken with a Fujifilm X100V
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This photo is straight out of camera using the C202 recipe by Marcel Fraij

I took this photo yesterday on a lovely autumn walk across Grantchester Meadows. I post it not only because the view is, quite simply, lovely but because this was the view across from where I was rereading a section from a quite wonderful book by George M. Williams about Shin'ichirō Imaoke (1881-1988). The book is called Cosmic Sage: Imaoka Shin'ichirō, Prophet of Free Religion. Williams has also, very generously, made it available via his page but I’d encourage you to buy a paper copy as proceeds from the book go to support indigenous Hawaiian education, culture and religion at Marae Ha‘a Koa, Wai‘anae, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i.

This book is a big deal for me because in it, thanks to Williams’ tireless and selfless work in researching and publishing the book, finally, I have found an actual, shining exemplar of free religion and religious freedom. More to follow in the coming months . . .

Naturally, I hope you enjoy the photo but perhaps I might also persuade you also to think about getting hold of a copy of Cosmic Sage: Imaoka Shin'ichirō, Prophet of Free Religion.