A couple of video links for you to watch over a nice cup of tea and a biscuit . . .

Here you will find Steven Nadler giving a brief presentation on Spinoza and his relevance for us today. Nadler has written the definitive modern biography of Spinoza and I can thoroughly recommend it. His guide to The Ethics is also very good and accessible.

Part One (9 mins)

Part Two (10 mins)

And here is a link to Alain de Botton's programme on Epicurus

Lastly, I am acutely aware that I mention tea in my list of interests but that I haven't written about it yet. Well I do love tea with a passion. In fact a key moment in Unitarian Christian history occurred in Manchester during the gifting of a tea set - really! It's called the Manchester Socinian Controversy and ran between 1825 and 1844. More on that another time. However, for your delectation here are two tea links:

A nice cup of tea and a sit down

The Book of Tea by Okakuru Kakuzo (1863-1913)